13 JUNE 2008

While Pixie Geldof may have recently been dubbed the 'coolest girl in town' by a leading society magazine, it looks like she's still daddy's little girl at heart.

At an age when many teenagers are tempted to rebel against their parents, it seems the fun-loving blonde is still more than willing to abide by her Boomtown Rat father's ground rules. Sir Bob has given the 17-year-old an 11pm weeknights curfew - which, apparently, the pretty teen is sticking to.

At a radio launch party in London this week, Pixie turned up late because of traffic. When someone told her it was already 10.30pm the youngster exclaimed: "Oh my God, I have to go! If I break my curfew I'm not allowed to any parties for the rest of the week!"

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Although she's a regular on the London party circuit, Pixie is said to always abide by her dad's instructions to be home on timePhoto: © Getty Images Click on photo to enlarge