Her hands full with her new role as a mum to Emme and Max, J Lo is leaving the performing to their dad this time. The whole family accompanied Marc to Belgium where he was appearing in concert
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The Let's Get Loud singer, whom her husband describes as an "amazing mom", had picked out matching blankets for the little ones - pink-trimmed for her daughter and a blue version for her son
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J Lo and Marc touch down in Europe with their new babies

19 JUNE 2008
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's baby twins are getting their first taste of life on the road. Given their parents' superstar status four-month-old Emme Maribel and Max David are travelling in some luxury, of course.

The family arrived on a private jet in Antwerp, Belgium, where Marc was due to perform. Jennifer emerged first cradling her little girl in a pink-trimmed blanket, while her husband carried the couple's son in a blue-edged boy's version.

Since their birth the twins' dad has praised his 38-year-old wife as "an amazing mom". "I'm so proud of her. She's such a gem to watch," marvelled Marc.

And it seems the Latina entertainer's maternal instincts extend to other kids, too. Earlier this week J Lo dropped by to perform her hit Let's Get Loud to an audience of autistic children at a New York primary school after they wrote to her saying it was one of their favourite songs.

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