As the grandchild of the most famous music star in history Riley, seen here at an arts fundraiser this week with Hollywood actor Elijah Wood, is always going to attract attention, but she also has a reputation for being an attractive and likeable person in her own right
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Rock princess Riley brings Presley family charm to New York do

26 JUNE 2008
Elvis Presley would surely be proud of his 18-year-old granddaughter Riley Keough, who's growing into a young lady of enviable poise and beauty.

Onlookers at a New York fundraising party could have been forgiven for staring when the Christian Dior model appeared in their midst this week.

With her porcelain skin and piercing blue eyes, Riley bears a striking resemblance to her grandmother Priscilla when she captured the heart of the music legend.

Despite her rock royalty status and LA upbringing the teenager is said to have a level head on her shoulders. A quality she attributes to her protective mum, Lisa Marie, and musician father Danny Keough.

"Both my parents are really caring," says the California girl, who first began modelling as a 12-year-old with a campaign for Tommy Hilfiger. "I was never allowed to run around and do whatever I wanted."

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