Celebrity chef Jamie, pictured in Florida in February, presented his TV special Jamie's Fowl Dinners in support of Hugh and to encourage the British public to eat free-range chicken
Photo: Getty Images

River Cottage's Hugh thanked the group for the award and added that his campaign will continue Photo: PA

Animal campaigners Jamie and Hugh to be honoured by RSPCA

28 JUNE 2008
Their food has won awards. Now celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall are to receive another gong this time from the RSPCA for their animal welfare work.

The two campaigning chefs, who highlighted the treatment of intensively farmed chickens in Channel 4 shows Jamie's Fowl Dinners and Hugh's Chicken Run, will pick up an award at the animal charity's annual meeting on Saturday in honour of their influential work.

"We are delighted to present both Hugh and Jamie with these," said RSPCA scientist Dr Marc Cooper.

Since the shows, the pair have continued to campaign for producers and retailers to stick to higher welfare standards.

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