The big-haired Brit has been ordered to tone down his rique act when he hosts the MTV awards in LA this September. Strong expletives and references to Scientology are to be banned for fear of offending his American audience
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No bad language cheeky Russell warned by MTV bosses

30 JULY 2008
Outrageous comic Russell Brand has been told to keep it clean when he hosts the MTV awards in America this autumn. Among the definite no-nos laid out on a list from his US employers are one strong expletive and references to Scientology.

And the large-haired funnyman is likely to abide by the rules because of his ambitions to make it big stateside.

"People say you must enjoy it that no one knows you are famous in America. But I hate it," the Daily Mirror reports Russell as quipping during a gig at a London theatre. "Without fame this haircut makes me look like someone who has a mental illness!"

"I want everyone to know who I am. I have to carry a laptop around with me so I can explain I am a celebrity," joked the Essex-born comedian, adding: "I've prostituted YouTube so much I call it MeTube now!"

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