Pictured at his luxurious New York home of Trump Towers, the property tycoon has shown his softer side on hearing a fellow celebrity was in danger of being made homeless
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Ed, pictured with his wife Pamela, has been unable to work for 18 months after suffering a neck injury
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Donald Trump steps in to help TV star keep his Beverly Hills home

16 AUGUST 2008
When property magnate Donald Trump heard a fellow TV personality was in trouble, he didn't hesitate to offer help.

Famous for "firing" the candidates on the US version of The Apprentice, the billionaire businessman showed his caring side upon learning that Ed McMahon was in danger of losing his home.

The iconic TV personality, who appeared on The Johnny Carson Show for many years, fell behind in his mortgage payments after a neck injury left him unable to work.

Kind-hearted Donald immediately stepped in and is in talks to buy Ed's 2.5 million Beverly Hills mansion and then lease it back to 85-year-old. And even though the two men do not know each other, the tycoon says it "would be an honour" to help.

"I grew up watching him on TV," adds Donald. "I'd watch him every night. How could this happen?"

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