The former Dynasty star, pictured heading for a caf after her retail excursion with husband Percy Gibson, says she always dons a sizeable titfer when venturing out into the sun
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Trendsetter Joan shows off her 'Very Large Hat' at St Tropez shops

19 AUGUST 2008
Browsing the stores with her husband close by, Joan Collins almost went unnoticed during a trip to a St Tropez shopping centre with her American other half, Percy Gibson.

With her straw cowboy hat and shades, the glamorous movie veteran, who owns a villa in La Croix Valmer, a small seaside village just outside the upmarket resort, seemed rather incognito. The get-up wasn't an effort to disguise her from fans, though, rather a measure to protect her skin from the sun's harmful rays.

"I'm a bit of a sun bunny myself However, I keep my face protected totally with SPF 15, foundation, shades and a Very Large Hat," she wrote in a column about fashion trends at St Tropez for the Daily Mail earlier this month.

"A few years ago, I was practically the only woman on the beaches and in the outdoor restaurants wearing a VLH, but I've now noticed that more and more women are covering their heads with them, whether for protection or fashion I don't know, but either way it works."

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