As Gordon helps support the freshly prepared dough, Jay is tasked with feeding it through the pasta machine
Photo: Rex
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When the pair compared their pasta-making efforts, Gordon was less than impressed with the chat show host's results
Photo: Rex

Gordon Ramsay takes US host back to his roots with cookery lesson

29 AUGUST 2008
Fresh pasta was strung from one end of the studio to the other when British chef Gordon Ramsay helped Jay Leno brush up on his dough-making skills on Thursday's episode of the US chat show star's programme.

Casting his jacket to one side and rolling up his sleeves, 58-year-old Jay who shares Gordon's Scottish heritage through his mum and can claim Italian roots on his dad's side gamely helped support the pasta skeins before trying his hand at producing fresh dough. The result was rather less appetising than that produced by his fiery celebrity chef guest.

His appearance on the show wasn't The F-Word star's first. He's previously given Dustin Hoffman an on-camera lesson in making beef fajitas.

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