The British singer captured an especially cute moment, a kiss for mum from his son
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Henry, who celebrates his third birthday on Friday, shows he's picked up the odd modelling tip from his famous mum
Photo: Rex

Heidi says the couple are "very hands-on with the children" and cover most day-to-day parenting activities themselves
Photo: Rex

Doting dad Seal snaps magic moments for family album

And the two-year-old - who turns three this week - looked as though he'd picked up some tips on striking a pose from his Project Runway star mum. Pushing back his shoulders and presenting his little chest, the youngster made sure he was camera-ready as his famous dad hit the button.

The family of five spend time together as often as possible. "We're very hands-on with the children," reveals catwalk queen Heidi, who's also mum to 21-month-old Johan and Leni, four, her daughter from a previous relationship with Formula 1 mogul Flavio Briatore.

"We drive them to school every morning," she says, adding that even though nannies lend a helping hand now and again, the couple handle the majority of parenting responsibilities themselves.

Even when they decide to stay at home, Heidi ensures there's fun to be had. "We have a colourful backyard with toys all over the place, a pool full of toys, and a tennis court covered with tennis balls!" she laughs.

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