19 NOVEMBER 2008

The press pigeon-holed Nicola Mclean as an image-conscious footballer's wife who would spend all her time in the jungle on I'm A Celebrity… fretting about her appearance and missing her make-up. Nothing could be further from the truth, though, as Nicole has proved by coming up trumps and eating crocodile eyes, crickets and kangaroo testicles in a bushtucker trial to win food for her tream mates.

While viewers may have been amazed by the model's gutsy performance, it came as no surprise to her footballer fiancé Tom Williams. "Nic's a fighter," he tells the Daily Mirror. "There's more to her than people give her credit for. She will give 100 per cent to whatever she puts her mind to – including eating kangaroo testicles.

Tom, who plays for Peterborough United, admits he's seen a different side to his partner of four and a half years since she's gone into the jungle. It's the first time he's seen his 25-year-old love without any make-up on.

"I can't get over how stunning she looks," he says of Nicola, who admits to sleeping in mascara and lipgloss. "I'm really proud of her."

Photo: © Alphapress.com
"There's more to (Nicola) than people give her credit for," says the 25-year-old model's Peterborough United player love Tom Williams. He's watched along with the nation as his fiancée has proved one gutsy lady by delivering the goods in I'm A Celebtrity…'s bushtucker trialsPhoto: © RexClick on photo to enlarge