24 NOVEMBER 2008

Relaxed, smiling and standing hip to hip outside their £3.5 million London home, Tana and Gordon Ramsay's message to the world was clear. The couple are standing united after reports surfaced claiming the TV chef was having an affair.

The couple have made no comment on the allegations made by a Sunday paper that Gordon has been seeing Sarah Symonds, a 38-year-old marketing and PR executive from Newport.

Gordon and 33-year-old Tana have been married for 12 years and have four children. They met while Tana was working in a restaurant to fund her teaching training course, and she fell for him because he "had this aura" and she loved his "passion, dedication and determination".

While she happily stayed at home to look after their children for most of their marriage, Tana has moved into the spotlight over the past few years – carving out a career as a food writer.

Gordon credits his wife for keeping him level-headed. "Tana grounds me big time," he says. "Between her and my mum, they are definitely the reason I'm sane."

Photo: © Alphapress.com
The couple - pictured at an awards ceremony in September - faced press outside their London home together on the same day reports surfaced claiming the TV chef was having an affair Photo: © Getty ImagesClick on photo to enlarge