27 NOVEMBER 2008

When a female photographer took a tumble trying to get the perfect shot of the Beckhams, David didn't hesitate to help. Living up to his reputation for gallantry, the sports ace rushed over to give a hand up to the snapper, who'd fallen and become entangled with a bicycle.

Victoria, smart in pencil-skirt dress and heels, patiently stood by while her husband went to the rescue. The dramatic scene came as the couple spent the day in New York with their friends Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes on the eve of Thanksgiving.

The high-powered quartet used to hang out together regularly, but haven't been seen in each other's company for several months, prompting rumours the friendship had cooled.

They looked as close as ever, though, when Posh and Becks dropped in with their three boys to check out the Cruises' Manhattan base.

After leaving the children with a babysitter the adults headed off to watch a matinee performance of Katie's hit Broadway play All My Sons. The group then reunited with their kids, including Tom's adopted son and daughter Isabella and Conor, to get a bite to eat at exclusive Italian eatery Il Cantinori.

Photo: © Alphapress.com
Chivalrous Becks stepped in to help a female photographer who came a cropper trying to get a picture of him and Victoria with Tom Cruise Photo: © RexClick on photos to for gallery
Photo: © Alphapress.com
Posh and her husband had stopped by to see the Cruises' Manhattan apartment on the eve of Thanksgiving, which Americans traditionally spend with family and close friends Photo: © Rex