19 DECEMBER 2008

Early morning TV queen Fiona Phillips took to the GMTV sofa for the last time on Thursday to bid farewell to the show she has worked on for more than 15 years.

As tributes flooded in for the tearful presenter on her final day, it became evident it wasn't only among regular viewers that she had struck a chord. Among those sending greetings were her long-term crush Donny Osmond, David Cameron, Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard, the prime minister Gordon Brown and Reading lass turned transatlantic star Kate Winslet.

"I've loved every occasion that I've had the chance to meet you. Now go home and have a wonderful time with your kids," urged Kate.

There was also a letter from David and Victoria Beckham thanking the presenter for her support over the years, adding "It's been wonderful watching you on GMTV and you will be sorely missed."

Clearly moved by the overwhelming number of tributes, the 47-year-old closed the show by tearfully saying: "It's been so special sharing my moments with you, I will not forget your kindness, thank you."

In what she told viewers was "one of the hardest decisions I've ever made", the mum-of-two, who joined GMTV when it launched in 1993 and landed the top sofa spot three years later, has decided to leave to spend more time with her family.

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After 12 years presenting on the GMTV sofa, Fiona says her final farewells. At the start of Thursday's show she told viewers it had been "a privilege to be in your homes every morning" Photo: © GMTVClick on photos for gallery
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The many tributes from the stars included a personal message from Kate Winslet Photo: © GMTV
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Fiona's co-presenters gather to mark her final day on the morning show Photo: © GMTV