30 DECEMBER 2008

Billie Piper may have found fame at an early age but as far as the 26-year-old Dr Who actress is concerned there's really only one star in her universe – her two-month-old baby Winston.

The young mum left onlookers in no doubt just how she's well shaping up to her new role, showering the little one with kisses on a Miami beach holiday with Wired actor husband Laurence Fox.

In fact both parents looked equally besotted with the precious addition to their family during a vacation at the exclusive Shore Club hotel.

Though Billie took the lead in giving the baby a bottle, 30-year-old dad Laurence, a member of the Fox acting dynasty, was also keen to do his bit.

He was seen changing nappies and tenderly cradling his son, who arrived for his day by the sea in a junior dressing gown. Their first break as a family is doubly special for the couple – they're celebrating the first anniversary of their wedding on New Year's Eve.

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Everyone else was sunbathing or swimming, but Billie was content just to spend time taking care of Winston, who was born by caesarean section on October 21Photo: © RexClick on photos for gallery
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Equally attentive was the baby's father Laurence, who made sure the little one was well protected from the sun as he carried him onto the beachPhoto: © Rex