The actor and TV presenter gathers his fellow lift prisoners together for a snap to accompany his updates on live blogging tool Twitter. His 30 minute encarceration blog had over 108,000 users gripped
Photo: Stephen Fry
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Stephen Fry takes blogging to new heights as he 'twitters' in stuck lift

Linday Lohan loves Facebook, Kirk Douglas is one of the celebrity stars of MySpace. And now, new blogging tool Twitter has its own famous contributor in Stephen Fry.

The actor and TV presenter took his participation to new heights by logging on via his mobile phone while stuck in a lift in one of Central London's tallest buildings. Surrounded by strangers and with time on his hands as servicemen worked to try and get them out, the 51-year-old turned to the site - which allows users to write posts of up to 140 characters and read each other's updates - to keep himself amused.

"Okay. This is now mad. I am stuck in a lift on the 26th floor of Centre Point," wrote the London-born star, who also uploaded a snap of himself surrounded by fellow lift prisoners. "Hell's teeth. We could be here for hours."

Over 108,000 users followed the stream of posts recounting his 30-minute encarceration. Some offered words of encouragement in their own messages known as tweets - which he read out to the others in the lift. "So many marvellous tweets from you sympathetic... peeps. Much appreciated," he posted after being freed.

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