31 MARCH 2009

Strutting down the runway with an Agyness Deyn-style pout on his face and clad in a Canadian hockey shirt/tartan kilt combo, Mike Myers was one of the star attractions at a New York fashion show with a difference. The Ontario-born actor's modelling efforts were in honour of a Scottish-themed fashion fundraiser.

Mike, who was born and raised in Ontario but is immensely proud of his Scottish heritage, jumped at the chance to wear a kilt. And he wasn't the only one.

American Four Weddings And A Funeral actress Andie MacDowell, who has Scottish relatives on her grandmother's side, appeared in the show with her two daughters, Rainey, 18, and 14-year-old Sarah Margaret.

As the glam trio sashayed down the catwalk it was clear the two teenagers - Andie's daughters with former rancher husband Paul Qualley - have inherited their famous mum's Hollywood smile and brunette mane. And their appearance prompted huge cheers from the audience, which included the event's host, Edinburgh-born Tinselton icon Sean Connery and his wife Marcheline.

Gossip Girl hunk Ed Westwick also took centre stage in a ripped green tartan ensemble, and there were appearances from Scottish singer Sandi Thom and British X Factor 2007 winner Leon Jackson.

This year dubbed 'Dressed to kilt', the show - back for the seventh time after a break in 2008 - raised cash for war veterans in both Scotland and the US.

Photo: Getty Images
The Ontario-born actor played tribute to his Scottish roots by donning a kilt for a Scottish-themed charity runway presentation in the Big Apple
Photo: Getty Images
Also taking part was Andie McDowell – who has Scottish relatives on her grandmother's side. She was joined on the catwalk by her teenage daughters Rainey (left) and Sarah Margaret