The TV producer, who befriended Jade during her reality career and witnessed at first hand her brave fight for life, has given her only interview to HELLO!. In this week's magazine she talks about how Jade's relationship with her mum improved through chemo and her love of her boys
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Jade's friend Kate opens her heart to 'HELLO!' as the star is laid to rest

7 APRIL 2009
In her final days Jade Goody relied upon a close circle of friends and family as she fought the illness that would eventually take her from her adored sons Bobby and Freddy.

One of those was TV producer Kate Jackson, a trustee of the fund for the boys, who has spoken exclusively to HELLO! about her spirited friend.

As well as pictures of her emotional final journey, this week's edition - issue number 1067 also contains Kate's tribute to the reality star.

In the interview she highlights Jade's unwavering loyalty to her former drug addict mum Jackiey.

"She said to me: 'The thing is in life, you choose to forgive people or you don't and if you choose to forgive them that's it; you have to let it go. It can't be half way," says Kate, who was one of Jade's bridesmaids.

Pick up your copy of this week's HELLO! magazine, on sale this week, to read the full interview.

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