The Match Of The Day host's romantic show of support for his Hell's Kitchen contestant fiancée Danielle Bux earned him a dressing down from the celebrity chef
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Marco, who runs a tight ship as he puts ten celebrities through their paces in his restaurant, warned him: "Remember, Gary, we have a job to do"
Photo: © ITV

Gary Lineker gets a roasting from Marco Pierre White for kitchen kiss

16 APRIL 2009
His fiancée Danielle Bux looked so fetching as she bustled about in her chef's whites Gary Lineker couldn't resist sneaking behind the scenes on Hell's Kitchen to steal a kiss.

While viewers of the ITV reality show may have been touched, the affectionate moment didn't impress her boss Marco Pierre White.

The feisty celebrity chef didn't mince his words as he ordered former England star Gary back to the dining area. "Remember, Gary, we have a job to do. Don't fall into the trap," he warned him, adding: "I'm asking you to respect our job. You would like to eat, wouldn't you?".

This season marks the third year the Michelin-starred chef has put ten celebrities through their paces in his restaurant.

After his ticking off the Match Of The Day host joked Marco had his own less than chivalrous reasons for keeping him away.

"Danielle's next to Marco… again, which is slightly disconcerting. I saw in the first show he was there with her. Should I worry?" he asked.

"He was also very keen to get me out of there rather quickly. Do you think there's an ulterior motive?"

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