Gordon Brown phones Simon to check up on Susan as Paul Potts offers help

Gordon Brown phones Simon to check up on Susan as Paul Potts offers help


After it emerged that Britain's Got Talent runner up Susan Boyle was taken to a clinic with exhaustion, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown felt compelled to check she was OK. Mr Brown revealed on a morning TV show he had phoned two of the judges to inquire after her welfare.

"I hope Susan Boyle is OK because she is a really, really nice person and I think she will do well," the Scottish statesman told GMTV. "I spoke to Simon Cowell last night and to Piers Morgan and wanted to be sure that she was OK."

The West Lothian singer was reportedly taken to the Priory clinic in north London by ambulance after she lost out to dance troupe Diversity in the show's Sunday grand final.

Piers Morgan told a radio station on Tuesday the 48-year-old church worker was feeling better, and had been "sharing cups of tea and laughing with nurses". He told the Daily Mirror: "I spoke to her for about half an hour and she's fine. She's gone in for some rest."

"She had too long to wait between the audition show and the final, and the pressure just builds and builds... I was happy when I spoke to her that she's basically fine. She loved being on the show, just loved it."

Susan's brother Gerry was confident his sister would be out of the clinic in two days. He said her setback was triggered by finishing second. "All she has ever wanted to do is sing. That's her dream and I think she felt coming second meant her dream was slipping away," he revealed.

Meanwhile further support for Susan has come from the programme's first winner Paul Potts – the Welsh phone salesman who fulfilled his dream of being an international opera singer after taking the Britain's Got Talent crown. He has said he'd be more than happy to talk to Susan if she needs a sympathetic ear.

"My thoughts are with her and if there's anything she needs at all, all she needs to do is get in contact," says Paul, who has racked up eight million album sales and an estimated £5 million since 2007.

"I think she's handled things incredibly well. She's been in the spotlight for eight weeks and when you’re not used to that, it can take its toll. I'm sure she'll be absolutely fine."