Even broken leg couldn't stop footie fan Steve Redgrave watching big final

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Sports hero Steve - seen playing golf last year - drove for 90 minutes with a broken leg to watch last week's Champions League final before heading to his local hospital
Photo: © Rex 

Five consecutive Olympic gold medals are a testament to how tough Steve Redgrave is. But the English athlete went one step further last week, driving one-and-a-half hours with a broken leg to watch the Champions League football final.

The rowing champion, 47, slipped down a grass bank after taking part in a golfing competition as he rushed back to watch Manchester United take on Barcelona on Wednesday evening.

He then drove for 90 minutes until he reached home where he noticed his leg had swollen to three times its normal size. But even that wasn't enough to watch the sports enthusiast watching the big game. It was only after the final whistle blew that the devoted Chelsea supporter went to his local hospital where he was told his leg was broken.

Speaking about the incident on BBC's Five Live radio show, Steve said: "My right foot went over on the ankle and there was quite a nasty little pop and quite a lot of pain."

"I looked at it and it seemed all right so I jumped in the car. My kids looked at it and my ankle was three times the size it should have been," he added.