Susan receives gig invites from Demi and President Obama as she checks out of Priory

Susan, who's described by her brother as "much happier", has left the London clinic she entered suffering from exhaustion following the result of last Saturdays talent show. On Friday she was spotted shopping in Hertfordshire following her release
 Photo: © Rex

Britain's Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle checked out of the Priory Clinic on Wednesday, and her brother says she's "much happier".

Experts had initially predicted a longer stay at the London facility, and there was even talk that her beloved cat Pebbles might be jetting down from Scotland to help with the singing sensation's recovery.  

Insiders have confirmed the 48-year-old Scottish church volunteer, who was admitted to the facility on Sunday night, has recovered from the 'exhaustion' she suffered after being named runner-up in the talent show finale on Saturday, however. She's now back with family and friends. 

Having missed out on the winning slot - which brings with it the opportunity to perform live in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Show on December 11, Susan had apparently been concerned her career could flounder before it had got off the ground, Her fears seem groundless, however, as she already has a high-profile concert offer on the table, extended by US President Barack Obama, who would like her to perform at his Fourth of July party in Washington.

"Susan has been invited to the celebrations at the White House with the President," the singer's brother told a Scottish newspaper. "So as you can see her dream is still very much alive. In fact it's only just starting."

Fellow American fans Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, who further boosted the singer's profile at the outset with a series of posts on social networking site Twitter, are also keen to hear her sing. According to reports the couple plan on inviting Susan to perform at their anniversary cocktail party in September - an invitation which comes with a £300,000 fee.

"Demi and Ashton think Susan is absolutely brilliant in a fantastically unique and kitsch way," a source has said. "Demi joked to Ashton about booking Susan to sing for him. She wanted her to lift up her skirt and flash her knee, the way she did with Piers Morgan. And Demi has teased Ashton that Susan would eat him alive."

For now, however, it looks like rest will be top of Susan's agenda. She's reportedly already spoken to Simon Cowell about a debut album, but the music mogul has insisted she takes time out first.