Pete Andre shows his and Katie's toddlers around their new house

This week Pete moved into a new place on the outskirts of Brighton, where his children can visit him
 Photo: © Rex

Pete Andre wasted no time in moving into his new home this week so he can have everything ready for when his children come over to stay.

He was seen showing Princess Tiaamii, 23 months, and three-year-old Junior around the seven-bedroom mansion in Brighton, 40 miles from the house he once shared with his estranged wife Katie Price.

His little girl sucked on her dummy and held on to a security blanket as she and her brother looked on while their 36-year-old dad and his brother moved boxes of his belongings and their toys into the property.

The singer has spent thousands making the house child friendly, putting gates around the pool and ensuring wheelchair access for Harvey, Katie's disabled son from a previous relationship.

Writing in his newspaper column recently, the pop pin-up spoke of his joy at taking his turn to look after them while their mum was busy on Saturday.

"I saw the kids over the weekend and it was just brilliant to spend time with them," he said. "As the weeks pass by I'm missing them more and more, and it really keeps me going to know I'll get to see them every week."

The 36-year-old also denied that a quickie divorce is in the works. "I didn't even know you could get divorced that quickly!" he said.