Tweeting Paris Hilton makes a new pal as she continues filming reality show in Dubai

Throughout her stay in Dubai so far, Paris has been keeping her fans up to date with regular 'Tweets'. "I rode a camel to other day, so cool! Loves it! Huge!," the 28-year-old posted on Wednesday Photo: © Rex

On the search for a new best friend in Dubai, Paris Hilton made a new acquaintance from the animal world this week. Keen to make the most of her trip, the socialite has been experiencing as much of the local culture as she can while in the emirate, including taking a ride on a camel.

Keeping fans up to date with her movements as she films her latest reality show, the 28-year-old has been uploading pictures and regular 'tweets' on her Twitter page. "Today is going to be a fun-filled day!", Paris wrote on Wednesday "… I rode a camel to other day, so cool! Loves it! Huge!"

Other moments captured on film from the visit include one photo of the New Yorker swimming with a dolphin and one of her going skiing on an indoor mountain.

The glam blonde also used the social blogging tool to share a picture of HELLO! magazine's front cover of the current Middle East edition - which features coverage of her trip.

Paris has been using her Twitter site to address some other media stories – including one suggesting she had upset people with her choice of swimwear while on a beach in the Muslim country.

"One of my friends just called me from back home and asked if I got into trouble for wearing a bikini at the beach here and once again – false," she wrote. "Everyone at the beach and pool was wearing swimsuits or bikinis. What do you expect people to wear? It's over 100 degrees out."

"There's a lot of misconceptions about this place, the dress code isn't as strict as one might think. I love the way they dress. Beautiful :)"

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