The secrets of Cheryl Cole's stunning £250,000 makeover revealed

Stepping out looking ready for her close-up on her birthday, Cheryl was showing off the results of thousands of pounds worth of effort to maintain her reputation as a fashion icon
 Photo: © Rex

The dazzling smile, the lustrous locks, and of course, a glamorous wardrobe that would have most young women thinking they'd died and gone to fashion heaven – these are the weapons that have helped Cheryl Cole achieve her sparkle.

But giving yourself the X Factor like this obviously requires a little bit of work and some expense – estimated by Daily Mail to be in the region of £250,000.

Her hair and makeup artist for her Girls Aloud band tours and the X Factor talent show reportedly cost £40,000.

That's hairdresser Lisa Laudat's annual salary for tending the Geordie lass' tresses. The glorious mane itself doesn't come at a snip either: Extensions to add volume cost £4,000.

When it comes to her outfits Cheryl is guided by two top stylists - Victoria Adcock and Frank Strachan.

Victoria, an adviser since 2005, has been responsible for some of her more ladylike choices, persuading her into shift dresses and smart blouses.

Frank is on hand for red carpets events and gigs. Her spokesman says day-to-day during the auditions for the TV talent search she dresses herself, only calling on them for live shows.

Both stylists are said to cost about £45,000 a year.

To keeping looking so trim the pop singer brought herself a £36,000 exercise bike earlier this year and, along with her bandmates, hired a personal trainer to get in shape for their concerts.

Cheryl is also thought to spend £1,500 annually on having her teeth whitened, following costly additions of veneers for her 2006 wedding.

Finally her clothes are thought to cost £100,000 – though a number of these will have been sent to her by designers eager to see their brand in the papers.