Katie Price gives interview money to charity as Piers Morgan praises her honesty

The model shed tears in the TV interview, in which she revealed how she lost her and Pete's baby weeks before the end of their marriage. She reportedly gave her earnings – estimated to be between £80,000- £100,000 to charity
Photo: © ITV 

Following Peter Andre's admission that he is "deeply disappointed" by estranged wife Katie Price's decision to talk publicly about losing their unborn baby, reports have surfaced that she gave her fee for the interview to charity.

She is believed to have earned between £80,000- £100,000 for the TV chat with Piers Morgan, which was conducted at her Sussex home.

And the Britain's Got Talent judge has praised Katie for her frankness during their talk. "She was feisty, fiery, emotional, contrite and startlingly honest," he says.

"I defy anyone not to watch the programme and feel enormous empathy with her. Whether you love her or hate her, she has been through a hell of a difficult few weeks."

In the interview, the model - aka Jordan - wept as she spoke of the miscarriage she suffered weeks before the end of her marriage. During a routine scan, doctors couldn't find a heartbeat, she says.

The 31-year-old reveals the stresses of working together and trying to crack the US contributed to her and Pete's split. "The American trip we should never ever, ever have done," she says.

"I used to say to Pete... I don't want to work with you all the time because when you come home what do you talk about?

"You've got to have your own time, your freedom and then enjoy things together and talk about things, definitely."

She also defended her actions in Ibiza, where she was pictured on a series of wild nights out. "I’m with my mates and so what if I went out? And guess what, I wanted to let my hair down," she says.

"I have gone through so much…the baby thing, being dumped and all this, so what? I’m doing nothing different to any other girl out there, except (I'm) in the papers, on TV."