Denise Van Outen and Johnny Vegas recreate classic 'Fame' scenes

The unlikely couple helped stage a high-energy re-enactment of the classic dance scene from the Eighties movie in London this week
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London became downtown New York this week as Denise Van Outen and comedian Jonny Vegas joined forces with a troupe of leg warmer-clad dancers to recreate a famous dance sequence from classic Eighties musical film Fame.

The unlikely couple – who leaped into the air from a Big Apple yellow taxi – were helping launch a campaign by movie channel TCM inviting members of the public to recreate their favourite film scenes and upload their efforts to the channel's website.

Denise, still looking trim after having climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief earlier this year, said she loved Fame. "It's is a real classic, but essentially for me it's a dance musical and - because the Eighties are making a big comeback – has great outfits."

Johnny – who described his dancing as "a rough interpretation of rhythm" added jokingly: "I expect the West End will be beating my door down after this so I'm just going to take a bit of time and consider the roles I'm offered. Possibly do a bit of work-shopping with Richard Gere, (in reference to the Hollywood star's musical turn in Chicago) and take it from there."