Vegan queen Heather Mills whips up tasty treat for 'This Morning' hosts Fern and Phil

The campaigner and restaurateur explains how she plans to change Britain's eating habits as she prepares a Thai-style coconut rice dish 

By the looks on their faces, it appeared  Heather Mills' cooking had hit the spot as far as Fern Britton and Phillip Schofield were concerned.

The two This Morning presenters tried out her dishes when the vegan campaigner dropped by the studio to demonstrate the type of cuisine available in her new restaurant Vbites.

As Heather made a Thai-style recipe, using ingredients such as coconut, lemongrass shallots, almonds, rice and soya, she talked them through her philosophy.

Sir Paul McCartney 's ex-wife is encouraging the public to cut down on meat and dairy goods because of the global warming associated with their production.

"I'm not telling people to stop eating meat and dairy altogether but people don't have a great opinion about veganism and the easiest way to change people's minds is to do it through great tasting food," she said.

"They just think that it's boring nut roasts and lots of hippy people who they think haven't washed for months, but that's not what being vegan is about". 

The 41-year-old is going to great lengths to publicise her venture in Hove, Sussex.

At its opening ten days she climbed on to the roof, in a tricky maneouvre given the fact that she uses a prosthetic limb after a road traffic accident years ago. She also served customers herself.

Writing on her Twitter page, the former model said she was thrilled to hear VBites had served over 3,000 customers since opening.

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