Jade Goody's ex Jeff Brazier reveals how their beloved boys are coping

"The boys are great – they are getting more handsome by the day," reveals Jeff, speaking for the first time since Jade's death
 Photo: © Getty Images

Jade Goody's former partner Jeff Brazier has spoken for the first time since the reality TV star's death about his new life as a single parent with their beloved boys.

The TV presenter, who was close to his ex even after she wed long-term boyfriend Jack Tweed, says: "The boys are great – they are getting more handsome by the day."

With the backing of Jade's mum Jackiey Budden, Jeff took Bobby, five, and four-year-old Freddie on holiday to Australia shortly after their mum lost her battle with cancer, so they would be spared the attention surrounding her funeral.

Since returning, he's been settling them in to their new life with him in Essex, and trying to keep them out of the spotlight so they can have a normal life as possible.

He says they are "typically cheeky tykes" who spend their days at school, playing with friends and dressing in clothes just like their dad's.

Jeff, who is soon to begin fronting a GMTV reality star search, says for now, he has no plans to go looking for romance as he focuses all his energies on his young sons.

"I'm single at the moment," he tells the Sun. "It's all at about priorities – all in good time. I think I'll leave relationships at the moment."

Meanwhile Jade's widower Jack has expressed his regret after he had a fling with a glamour model just months after Jade's death.

The 22-year-old revealed how he wept following a night spent with Lisa O'Connor after heavy partying.