Chris Evans responds to Terry Wogan's TOGs as breakfast show debate continues While Terry Wogan's loyal fans come to terms with the fact their favourite radio host is leaving BBC Radio 2's breakfast show, his successor Chris Evans has spoken out about the furore surrounding his appointment.

As listeners continued to debate the 43-year-old's suitability for the show, Chris addressed the backlash and thanked those showing him support.

"I love the predictability of some of (the) reaction to the events of the last twenty four hours – you'd think they might know better by now," he wrote on his BBC blog.

"All I can say is thanks for the masses of support the vast majority of you have given to me, the team and the people at Radio 2 regarding our move to the mornings."

He also promised the TOGs – Terry's Old Geezers and Gals – that he would deliver "a first rate show that all the family can listen to – be it in the kitchen over cornflakes, in the car on the school run, or off to the airport on holiday."

Chris went on to pay tribute to the emotional announcement Terry made to listeners, announcing the news of his departure at the end of the year.

"He could not have performed this potentially most incendiary and tricky of tasks more gracefully and modestly if he had tried," he said. "He really is the classiest of acts."

Chris will take over from Terry at the end of the year. The veteran star's final show is expected to take place on December 18.

Terry described his decision to leave as "the hardest thing I have ever done," telling listeners: "It touches me deeply that I've played a part in your lives for, it seems, like generations."

"This is not goodbye – not even au revoir," he said before revealing he would be hosting a new live radio show in the New Year.

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