Now that Izzard: Exhausted Eddie finishes 43 marathons in seven weeks For most people, one marathon in a lifetime would be more than enough. Not Eddie Izzard. The British comic has pulled off the unbelievable feat of doing 43 of the gruelling runs in 51 days – all in the name of a good cause.

The 47-year-old comic looked exhausted but in a jubilant mood on Tuesday as he ended his epic 1,105-mile journey across Britain. He ran up the steps of London's National Gallery, raising his hands jubilantly in the air.

"I feel like Rocky," he told the 200-strong crowd, who cheered him across the finish line.

It's been seven weeks since Eddie set off on his mammoth run, which raised £200,000 for Sport Relief.

Since then he has run at least 27 miles a day, six days a week, across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

An impressive feat by anyone's standards. But Eddie modestly declared: "I don't think what I did was that amazing. Anyone could do it."

The Riches star said people were having trouble believing he had run such an incredible distance.

"I might as well say I've eaten a car," he said.

But the proof of his herculean achievement lies in 14 pairs of worn-out trainers, lost toenails and blisters upon blisters.

Now Eddie plans "to have a party somewhere dry and then I'm going to sleep for a week".

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