US hit Kylie Minogue to transform from princess of pop to Las Vegas showgirl

Hot on the success of her ongoing first tour in America, the Australian singer has been invited back to Las Vegas to extend her show into a residency there. "I'm so proud of her," said her younger sister Dannii. "Kylie's show is perfect for Vegas, it's so theatrical"
 Photo: © Getty Images

Embarking on a tour in America for the very first time was a big deal for Kylie Minogue, and understandably she was a little nervous about her US debut.

She needn't have worried – just like the rest of the world, America seems to have fallen in love with the petite pop star.

So much so in fact that she has been offered a residency in Las Vegas – an honour previously extended to musical greats including Elton John and Celine Dion.

The singer's sister Dannii – who recently brought her famous sibling in to help choose X Factor finalists – has revealed Vegas promoters were so impressed by the glitz and glamour of Kylie's show they have asked her to return after her tour.

"The response from her shows in America have been phenomenal," Dannii told the Mirror. "She was nervous about going over for the first time, but it has gone better than expected."

"She has now been asked to take the show back to Vegas and extend it as a residency over there. I'm so proud of her."

Despite her own work load, the striking brunette has said she will make sure she is in the front row when Kylie – who coincidentally named her 2006 tour Showgirl - returns to Sin City.

"She called to tell me how week everything has been going and about the Vegas offer. I was joking with her that The Showgirl is finally where she belongs."

"Kylie's show is perfect for Vegas, it's so theatrical. She has just loved performing out there," she added.