Celeb-inspired gift ideas: husband Matthew McConaughey

If there was ever a star who typified a love of the great outdoors, it's Matthew McConaughey.

From surfing the waves to jogging along the shore and taking part in triathlons, this family man likes to be out and about in the fresh air as much as possible.

So an ideal Christmas present would surely be a portable barbecue, which he can take with him on his travels.

Matthew has talked of his love of outdoor cooking many times and it would allow him to whip up a feast for his love Camilla and their son Levi whenever, and whenever, it takes his fancy.

And then what better way to entertain his young family after they have eaten than a spot of music?

Matthew famously plays the bongos, so a new set of drums is sure to be a big hit with the budding percussionist.

But undoubtedly the star's biggest passion is being a father and he has spoken about how much he's looking forward to sharing his favourite activities with his son.

A soft American football, therefore, would be a guaranteed winner. Matthew is a big fan of the sport and it will enable him to  take Levi down to the beach for a family-friendly throw-about.

  • Portable barbeque, £24.99
  • Bongo drums, £ 29.99
  • American football, £9.99