'Mankini' madness in 'Celebrity Big Brother' house as Tarantino touts Vinnie Jones to win

hellomagazine.com It was one Celebrity Big Brother task Vinnie Jones was relieved to have escaped.

Five days into their time on the reality show and there was a treat in store for the ladies in the house when the men stripped off for a beauty contest.

All keen to be crowned Hunk of 2010, the guys were persuaded to parade around in mankinis – as made famous by Borat – take part in an evening wear round, a talent show and a test of their strength which involved opening jars of pickles.

Initially American actor and born-again-Christian Stephen Baldwin was reluctant to take part in the swimwear round – coined the Hunk Off – out of respect for his wife. But upon reflection he changed his mind.

Eventually it came down to the show's female contestants to judge who should be named the winner, and they decided the crown should go to Thong Song singer Sisqo.

Excused from the event as he played host, Vinnie found it difficult to hide his amusement as his fellow male housemates donned the revealing costumes.

And while he wasn’t in the running for this competition, the 45-year-old has some heavyweight support when it comes to winning the show.

He is being backed by one of Hollywood's most famous directors, and his friend, Quentin Tarantino.

"If the winner is judged on personality and character then Vinnie can be the only winner," said the Reservoir Dogs filmmaker.

"He is not only one of the most charismatic guys in Hollywood and people who know him not only know he is a fantastic person but that he has a heart of pure gold. I'm honoured to call him my friend."

He added: "People often put themselves forward for reality show because they are broke or want to revive their careers, but Vinnie is neither of those things.

"He is going to get some time away from worrying about his son Aaron."

As reported in an exclusive interview with Vinnie at his LA home in this week's HELLO! magazine, his 18-year-old boy recently returned to Afghanistan with the Household Cavalry after his Christmas leave.

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