From his proposal plans to having a family: Alex Reid finally opens up on life with Katie

It was widely reported that before he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house, Alex Reid was under strict instructions not to talk about his relationship with Katie Price.

Whether that was the case or not, the cage fighter has opened up about his romance with the glamour model – discussing everything from his plans to have children, through to being dumped live on TV.

Quizzed by Vinnie Jones, Dane Bowers – Katie's ex – and singer Sisqo, the 34-year-old confidently declared his love for the mum-of-three and revealed that starting a family was his "next big adventure".

And it doesn’t look like Katie and Alex are hanging around: when asked if the couple were already trying for a baby, the Aldershot-born martial arts fighter smiled and buried his face in his pillow.

It was footballer-turned-actor Vinnie who decided to address reports that Alex had planned to propose to Katie live on air after her I'm A Celebrity... stint, and her subsequent decision to end their relationship.

When Alex denied that he would have popped the question on live TV, the Snatch actor then brought up the fact Katie dumped him in front of 12 million viewers.

"I wasn’t gonna talk about it but since you asked. I got texts from her saying 'don't come and see me'," revealed Alex.

"It was a nasty thing to say on TV… She didn’t say anything bad, she just said we're not together."

But Katie's actions have in no way dampened his feelings for her.

Earlier in the day, Alex – who revealed the couple are now living together - told former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss that he would die for Katie, saying: "I'd put my life down for her."

His revelation is likely to please Brighton-born Katie who is evidently watching her boyfriend on the show.

Earlier this week she took to her Twitter page to show her support, writing: "My man Alex is doing sooooo well and I miss him soooo much, Soooo proud xxxx."