John Travolta pilots his private plane to help bring direct relief to Haiti

Since news of Haiti's terrible earthquake broke, famous faces have been unanimous in pledging their support.

From George Clooney's telethon, private donations, auctions and collaborative charity singles, stars have been clamouring to do their bit to help in the relief efforts.

For his part, John Travolta had something very special to contribute.

The Hollywood heavyweight has personally flown aid supplies to the Caribbean country in his private plane.

Joined by his actress wife Kelly Preston, the 55-year-old left Florida on Monday carrying six tonnes of ready-to-eat military rations and medical supplies in his Boeing 707 jet.

Also on board were a number of doctors and volunteers.

"We have the ability to actually make a difference in the situation in Haiti," John said of his efforts. "I just can't see not using this plane to help."

It is not the first time that the Pulp Fiction actor has used his aircraft to help out during a natural disaster. In 2005 he flew in tonnes of food to those affected by Hurricane Katrina – an experience he compared to this week's mission.

"It's not unlike when my wife and I saw New Orleans, we were there right away, with this airplane, because you know we have the ability and means to do this, so I think you have a responsibility on some level to do that," he said.

John earned his pilot's license in 1974 and owns a number of aircraft - the Florida home he shares with is wife and daughter even has its own runway.