Madonna and Jesus quash reports of a split with romantic date night in Rio

What split? Madonna and her man were spotted cuddling up in the back of a car this week after enjoying dinner out at the Boticella restaurant
 Photo: © Rex

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then the latest images of Madonna cosying up to Jesus Luz reveal that, despite reports to the contrary, the couple's relationship is still on.

Last week numerous US media outlets stated that the queen of pop and the 23-year-old had gone separate ways because of a lack of common interests.

But the iconic musician was seen on Wednesday enjoying a romantic meal with Jesus in Rio de Janeiro.

Fifty-one-year-old Madonna and the Brazilian model began the night at the Boticella restaurant in Largo da Barra, after which they were spotted cuddling up in the back of a car.

They then headed to the Disco Voador night club, where the handsome DJ was seen tenderly kissing the mum-of-four on the cheek.

Of course, the presence of one of the world's biggest stars did not go unnoticed.

One onlooker described the impact of the couple's evening out as "chaos".

"Cops lined the street outside to stop anyone ruining their romantic meal," the source told the Mirror.

"They were chatting intently to each other and the owner of the restaurant."

Madonna and her children flew into Brazil this week ahead of the city's iconic Carnival, which begins on Saturday.

According to local reports, they are all staying at the luxury Fasano hotel in the heart of Ipanema beach – the same hotel as Beyonce.

The benevolent musician – who travelled to Rio in November to combine a first meeting with Jesus' parents with work for her new children's charity - is not just in town for the weekend's festivities.

She also had philanthropic work planned, and the following day travelled to Sao Paulo to meet Governor Jose Serra to speak about social issues, likely to be linked to her Success for Kids charity.