Johnny Depp gets stuck in London traffic on way to interview with Jonathan Ross It seems not even Hollywood megastars can evade the London rush-hour traffic.

Poor Johnny Depp found himself stuck in a heavy traffic jam on the way to record an interview with chat-show host Jonathan Ross on Wednesday night.

In the car with him was director Tim Burton who, determined to get to the studio on time, leapt out to dash the remaining mile to BBC TV Centre.

But, in danger of being mobbed by fans, Edward Scissorhands actor Johnny was forced to stay put and sit the jam out.

For all his effort, Oscar-nominated Tim couldn't avoid arriving late for the Friday Night with Jonathan Ross recording, however.

Programme organisers had to rearrange the schedule, putting fellow guests Andrew Lloyd Webber and singer Sade on ahead of Tim and Johnny, who arrived a while later.

The pair were on the show to talk about their new film Alice in Wonderland, an adaptation of the classic Lewis Carroll story that also stars Tim's partner Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway.

Johnny, 46, who says he famously nevers watches his own films, told Jonathan that he wants to see himself as the Mad Hatter in this one.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor also revealed that he would never star in a romantic comedy: "I've been asked a couple of times but I just couldn't do it, no way, I'd be a wreck."

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross will air on BBC1 on Friday at 10.35pm.

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