Twice-divorced Madonna hands out relationship advice on new US show

After being married two times, Madonna knows a thing or two about relationships. So when her pal Jerry Seinfeld asked her to be a part of his reality TV marital counselling TV show, she gladly agreed.

The Material Girl appears on the panel of The Marriage Ref, which premieres in the US this Thursday.

In it, a celebrity panel debates the problems of real life couples who are involved in some sort of dispute, before voting on what they think the solution should be.

In a preview clip of the new show, 51-year-old Madonna can be seen clashing with Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David over what to do about one situation. Also on the panel is Ricky Gervais, who has been with his producer partner Jane Fallon for 25 years, though they've never married.

Madonna - who was married to actor Sean Penn for four years in the Eighties and divorced director Guy Ritchie in 2008 after eight years – will be followed by a roll call of of celebs on the show. 

Eva Longoria, 30 Rock actress Tina Fey and actors Alec Baldwin and Matthew Broderick are also signed up to appear.