Super-fit Katherine Jenkins hangs tough to put on spectacular acrobatic display

Katherine made a show-stopping entrance in Birmingham, descending from the roof with the help of a hunky assistant
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 Photo: © Getty Images

It was an entrance worthy of the music world's top performers such as Britney Spears or Madonna.

On the opening night of her new UK tour, Katherine Jenkins dazzled the crowd with an energetic acrobatic display as she descended from the roof with the help of a male dancer.

The 29-year-old – beautiful in a low-cut gown – surprised her fans by performing a number of stunts with the hunky topless acrobat as part of her circus-style first routine.

With no safety net in sight, Katherine showed incredible fitness as she dangled in the air as part of her arduous opening act.

Incredibly, the Popstar to Operastar judge was nearly forced to miss the stage show in Birmingham because of an injury.

On Tuesday she revealed she had had to have a steroid injection in her knee after damaging it while out running.

Katherine is known for her dedication to fitness.

As well as being something of a gym fanatic, the classical mezzo-soprano is often seen jogging through the Welsh countryside to keep fit.

And in September she completed the Cardiff 10K run to raise money for the Kidney Wales Foundation.