Just 'Friends'? Sizzling chemistry between Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler in London

hellomagazine.com The chilly conditions on the red carpet did nothing to stop the sparks flying between Jennifer Aniston and her leading man Gerard Butler at the London premiere of The Bounty Hunter.

The LA-based actress – on bombshell form in a ultra-mini Valentino silver shimmering dress and Alexander McQueen blazer – and Scottish hunk Gerard gave a tactile display on the red carpet, further fuelling reports they are romantically involved.

But, despite declaring her love for her hunky co-star, the Hollywood beauty said the couple's compatibility on-screen was the "script's fault."

Playing down rumours of a romance with the "funny and handsome" star, Jen said: "I love my Gerry. We just lucked out – director fantastic, Gerry fantastic, our crew, New York – you just can't go wrong."

And for his part, Gerard was equally appreciative of the 41-year-old actress.

He raved about the couple's "perfect chemistry", adding: "The best thing about this movie is that the two of us got to be together."

"I literally became a member of her family while shooting this movie. I even went to Mexico to see her on her birthday during a day off. It was not a chemistry we had to work at."

In the comedy, Gerard stars as a down-on-his luck bounty hunter who is hired to retrieve his bail-jumping ex-wife Nicole, played by Jennifer.

It is released in the US on March 19, hitting silver screens in the UK just under a month later, on April 16.

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