Oh baby: Sarah Jessica Parker and Minnie Driver dote on their little ones

It's been a great week for celebrity baby fans, with glimpses of both Sarah Jessica Parker and Minnie Driver's little ones.

In New York, Sarah Jessica was spotted carrying one of her twin daughters to the car outside her Manhattan townhouse.

But it was nigh on impossible to tell if the cute tot – who was given a temporary Mohican by a strong gust of wind - was Marion Loretta Elwell or Tabitha Hodge.

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica – who has just returned from a promotional trip to Las Vegas - shielded the nine-month old with an umbrella. Meanwhile a nanny did the same as she brought the other twin to the car.

Looking at the youngsters, it was clear just how much they've grown since the last time they were seen – when their four-month-old pictures were shown on TV by dad Matthew Broderick.

Weather conditions were much better in sunny Malibu, where Minnie was spending some quality time with her boy Henry.

The brunette actress gazed lovingly at her-two-year old son, as the pair got stuck into throwing some coins into a wishing well in Cross Creek shopping centre near her beach-side home.

Minnie has never revealed who is the father of the little boy, who has white-blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes.

But the 40-year-old has recently spoken of her joy of finding love again, saying: "I'm incredibly happy because I've got my beautiful baby and lovely partner."