Gail Porter debuts chic new elfin crop as she credits musician love for hair regrowth Gail Porter has plenty to smile about at the moment.

She has a new man, a loving daughter, a successful TV career and is venturing into the worlds of music management and stand-up comedy.

On top of all that, the 39-year-old presenter was spotted this week with a full head of hair – five years after she lost it all to alopecia.

The Edinburgh-born star recently spent a day out at Alton Towers with her seven-year-old daughter Honey, and new love Jonny Davies, a 24-year-old guitarist with indie band New Vinyl.

And the trio had a ball, laughing and joking around together as they tried out some of the attractions at the amusement park – from firing the water cannons to testing their nerve on a rollercoaster.

It was six months ago that Gail – pictured wearing a black headband in her blonde elfin crop – first noticed that her hair had started to grow back.

Since then she has shared Twitter pictures with her delighted fans to keep them up-to-date with her progress, something she credits to Jonny.

Speaking recently to the Daily Mirror, Gail - who refused to wear a wig or hat on screen while hairless and is now Ambassador for the Little Princess Trust, a charity that provides wigs to children – said of the re-growth: "Is it all down to happiness?"

"It must be, because right now I'm happier than I've been in a long time, so much is going right for me."

"And the big difference in my life in Jonny. He's as amazed as I am to see what's happening. We woke up the other morning and he said, 'Hey look at you babe, you have bed hair!"

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