Britney Spears releases untouched photos of herself alongside 'enhanced' versions

In one pair of photos, you can see how Britney's legs, arms and waist have all been slimmed down by computer
Photo: © Candies 

The pressure put on celebrities to always look perfect can often be intense.

So you have to admire Britney Spears for releasing images of herself exactly as she is – alongside the digitally altered versions.

The photos, taken for fashion firm Candie's, reveal how star's bodies can be retouched by computer to make them slimmer and sleeker.

In one set of pictures, which show the 28-year-old facing the camera with her arms behind her head, you can how how her leg, arms and waist have been slimmed down by airbrushing. Blemishes on her legs have also been removed.

In another, which show her from behind, her bottom has been shrunk, her cellulite smoothed off and a tattoo on her back has been zapped away.

The brave singer's photos highlight how women feel pressurised into trying to achieve unrealistic, flawless figures.

"Britney is proud of her body – imperfections and all," a source told the Daily Mirror.