Sorry mum: Funky Lourdes ignores Madonna's conservative styling advice

Just last month Madonna revealed her wish for daughter Lourdes to dress more conservatively.

But the strong-willed 13-year-old clearly has no intention of taking styling tip from her famous mum.

With her ripped tights, clumpy boots and biker jacket, Lourdes – who has recently enrolled in acting school – looked anything but conservative.

But her funky outfit could easily have been lifted from her mum's Eighties wardrobe.

Madonna – elegant in a black trench coat with puffball shoulders – and her daughter were both guests at the second annual Bent On Learning benefit.

The charity offers instruction in yoga and meditation to young people in New York City as a means of reducing stress and improving concentration, self-esteem and overall health.

It's obviously a cause that's close to Madonna's heart. She maintains her impressive physique with the help of yoga, and has been a self-confessed addict of the Ashtanta discipline ever since Sting invited her to sit in on a session with him.

The singer also credits yoga with giving her a healthy mind and soul. "I remember that I couldn't sit still for a second. I was always on the move. I was often pretty aggressive, wild and unpredictable, but all that's changed," she said.

Other yoga-loving stars at the event included Madonna's pal Gywneth Paltrow – fresh from the Iron Man 2 premiere - and Heather Graham.