Miley Cyrus spreads her wings as she debuts raunchy new image in video for new single

The teen queen is ready to leave Hannah Montana behind - as she shows in her latest music video
 Photo: © Rex

Teen queen Miley Cyrus is ready to move on from Hannah Montana. The 17-year-old has ditched her wholesome image for something a lot more raunchy and edgy in the video for her new single Can't Be Tamed.

The clip for the Britney-esque song shows a more grown-up Miley in dramatic makeup and sexy costumes, dancing provocatively with her backing dancers.

It begins with a museum curator welcoming a crowd to show them 'the rarest creature on earth,' known as Avis Cyrus.

The cover of a cage is lifted to reveal Miley, who shields herself against the camera flashes with a pair of jet-black bird wings. She then breaks out of her enclosure to join feather clad dancers in a raunchy routine.

Later she can be seen reclining on a bed of peacock feathers wearing a revealing $25,000 corset made out of silver scales.

Miley's new image is already raising eyebrows, but she insists it's not a significant change.

"This isn't anything that will take me away from what people know me as it's just the next step," explains the singer, who has recently started dating Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth.

"It's not a new Miley it's just a new part of me."

Furthermore, she says the clip is not overtly gratuitous. "There's nothing in the video for me that I wouldn't be proud for my family to see. I think they can all watch it," she explains.

"It's the first step of growing up."