Olivia Newton John gets 'physical' as she makes hilarious 'Glee' cameo

The all-singing and dancing hit series Glee is arguably the hottest thing on television right now.

With celebrity fans including Madonna and Britney Spears, it seems that most of the stars are clamouring for a spot on the show.

That said, there are not many famous faces who would throw themselves into a cameo quite like Olivia Newton John.

The Grease star slipped into a tracksuit and donned a sweat band to join Glee's hilarious villain Sue Sylvester in a recreation of Olivia's hit song, Physical.

Looking fabulous in the video, the 61-year-old blonde plays a more obnoxious version of herself in the show.

Her debut episode – titled Bad Reputation – sees Sue, played by Jane Lynch, become the laughing stock of the school when members of the Glee club find an embarrassing personal video of her dancing to Physical on the internet.

But she gets the last laugh when Olivia finds out about the clip and asks Sue to help her remake the song.

One clip sees the actress phoning the gym teacher from the back of her limo saying: "It's Olivia Newton-John…star of Grease, the most successful musical movie of all time."

In a state of disbelief, Sue responds: "Nice try…and that is a ridiculous accent."

Australia-raised Olivia certainly enjoyed working on the show, recently saying: " Just the experience of being dressed up in exercise gear and dancing and singing with Jane was funny."

"I've never laughed do hard, my jaw was sore by the time I left."