Alternate 'Lost' endings air in the US - with a little help from the stars of the show

Six years after it first began, hit TV show Lost aired for the very last time this week.

And while some fans were left a little perplexed by the series' final episode, they might be interested to hear there were, in fact, three alternate endings.

Just don't expect them to answer unanswered questions about the origin of the island or the meaning of the mysterious numbers – they were thought up by Jimmy Kimmel and the Lost producers, who persuaded the stars of the show to take part in the spoofs.

Aired immediately after the dramatic conclusion, the scenes were shown as part of Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost, a special programme that bid farewell to the series.

Introduced by the evening's host, the first clip sees the Lost cast sat around a campfire on the island discussing their situation, before Survivor presenter Jeff Probst emerges from the bushes to make a cameo appearance.

In a send-up of the reality TV show, Jeff tells the character of Sayid – Naveen Andrews – that he is being sent home, saying: "Sorry, Sayid. The tribe has spoken. You gotta leave the island man. You gotta go."

The second ending echoes the final episode of The Sopranos, starring Hurley, Jack and Claire – played by Jorge Garcia, Matthew Fox and Emilie De Ravin respectively – sitting together in a booth in an American diner and served onion rings by Jimmy dressed in drag.

Playing on their fans' desire to discover the truth about the mysterious island once and for all, Hurley then says to his two companions: "I think I've figured out the secret to the Isl…" before the clip abruptly ends.

Finally, in the last sequence, Evangelina Lilly, who stars as Kate Austen, makes an appearance alongside American stand-up comedian and actor Bob Newhart.

Opening with the pair asleep in bed, the clip shows Lily and Bob discussing their recent dreams before each realises they have woken up beside the wrong person.

Appropriately titled The End, the ultimate Lost episode was broadcast simultaneously in both the UK and the US – British fans were able watched the conclusion at 5am on Monday morning – and was extended to two-and-a-half hours to wrap up the end of the sixth season, and the series.

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