Elle couldn't be less fazed as she meets her ex's new love Uma

Meeting your ex's younger current girlfriend would be enough to have anyone in a lather.

To make things even more awkward, imagine she's a famous American actress.

But most women aren't Elle Macpherson.

The mother-of-two – who, at 47, is still a world class beauty and whose nickname in the modelling world is The Body – took it all in a stride of her shapely pins when she coincided with Uma Thurman.

Kill Bill star Uma, 40, is the fiancée of Elle's former partner and the father of her two boys, millionaire financier Arpad Busson, also 47.

Elle had prepared for their meeting at her children's sports day in London's Hyde Park by paying careful attention to her outfit.

Her figure was shown off to perfection in an off the shoulder sundress with a full, flirty skirt, while her long locks were loose about her shoulders.

She'd accessorised with gold sandals and fashionable sunglasses.

A beaming smile on her face added to the overall effect of a woman who is very much happy in her own skin.

This appearance wouldn't have surprised anyone who is familiar with her confident style.

Since their split in 2005 following a nine-year relationship, the multi-talented Australian has concentrated on building up a successful lingerie business.

And recently when she launched another of her projects – a stint hosting Britain's Next Top Model - Elle got the flashbulbs popping in super tight PVC trousers.