'HELLO!' bids farewell to inspirational founder Eduardo Sánchez Junco

The Madrid journalist and businessman, who was 67, founded the English-language magazine in 1988


Eduardo Sánchez Junco, the owner of HELLO! and HOLA! magazines, has passed away at the age of 67.

Having shaped the iconic family media empire since the death of his father in 1984, Eduardo will be remembered for his leadership, integrity and discretion.

The visionary publisher was born in 1943, the year before his parents, Antonio Sánchez Gómez and Mercedes Junco Calderón, launched HOLA!, the Spanish parent company of HELLO!, which he himself created. By doing so, he gave the brand an international reach, based on millions of readers worldwide. 

In 1995 this achievement was recognised when he was honoured with the International Publishing Award by the International Press Directory.

Eduardo is survived by his mother Mercedes, president of the company, his wife Mamen Perez Villota and their three children, Mamen, Cheleles and Eduardo, who is the current editor-in-chief of HELLO! magazine.

All those who worked with him appreciated not only the inspiration he provided but also his great personal warmth towards them.