Will Smith's girl Willow wins hearts and minds in Union-print leggings on his UK tour

The little girl wins the family new fans at the premiere of her brother Jaden's film 

Strictly speaking Thursday night was her brother's big moment.

But Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's daughter Willow stole the show at the London premiere of The Karate Kid remake, starring her 12-year-old sibling Jaden. 

And in the process the little girl proved she's inherited the qualities that make her dad box-office gold - a gift for connecting with people and bags of charisma.

The nine-year-old wore a limelight-stealing outfit on the red carpet at Leicester Square.

In an eye-catching pair of Union-print leggings, Willow strode out confidently ahead of the megastar to greet fans.

Even more impressive than the canny sartorial tribute to the Brits was her dazzling smile as the family posed for photographers.

The film - a reworking of the Eighties Kung Fu classic – features Jackie Chan in the role of a teacher, who moulds a young boy into a champion.

Jaden brings to life the shy youngster who learns martial arts skills to defend himself from bullies in the story - which was produced by his proud parents.